Sophie Gateau, Commercials & Music Videos Director

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A graduate in Architecture and a Masters in Graphic Design and Film Direction has graced Sophie Gateau with a special perspective on space and volume. Clients seeking her innovative visual approach include Nike, Ray Ban, Coca Cola, LG, Samsung, TED and Moen.

Sophie began her career in the fashion industry before work in CG and motion graphics led her to work on features such as The Matrix Reloaded, Alexander the Great and Wong Kar Wai's 2046.

Constantly challenged by ideas, Sophie's work remains refreshingly simple in tone and charming to behold. She views innovation as the key ingredient to her success, constantly adapting to newer technology to better understand its possibilities:

"I always want to try the latest technology," she outlines. "It is only through experimentation that we uncover technology’s potential and, by extension, the potential of creative ideas."

Recent music video work on River's Edge for Last Days of 1984 further demonstrates her intriguing take on conveying the moment; in this case through abstract expressionist imagery of oil pastels and smeared colors that investigates the connection between man and nature.

Tastemakers including Creativity, Shots, SHOOT, Flux, Juxtapoz and Motionographer have all praised Sophie’s oeuvre of live action, animation and visual effects work.